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There is help available for you. Talking with a trained therapist can be the first step towards feeling better.

When you have lost someone close to you, or when you’ve experienced something  painful or traumatic …  it can feel like a part of you is frozen or stuck, or life is just not working.    

You might be experiencing one of the body’s natural reactions to a trauma:

fight, flight or freeze.

You fight the unwanted feelings by trying to muscle your way back into life as you know it, or want it to be. You can flee the uncomfortable feelings by getting very busy, or taking intoxicants. You experience the freeze response by feeling stuck, or numb, or distracted.

Learning that the fight, flight, or freeze response makes sense, that it is a normal reaction to a traumatic experience, is a first step

Working through grief or trauma is very different than solving a problem. There is a deeper process going on and if it is not resolving itself then talking with a trained therapist can be very helpful. 

Call or email  today to begin to get your life back on track.

Learn how to navigate this challenging time and come to a deeper understanding of yourself. Learn skills to quiet your anxiety, lift your mood, and regain your confidence. 

If you have experienced a great loss, or if painful memories of the past keep coming up, it is normal to feel shaken up, out of sorts, and have difficulty doing normal activities. Sometimes these disturbances do not resolve on their own.

Mind In Balance Counseling services serves the communities of Newport, Lincoln City, Walport, Toledo.  Access to rural communities is provided via phone and web cam.

Counseling services include individual and couples counseling to address depression, grief, anxiety, loss, healing from trauma, healing from an abusive relationship and navigating transitions. This practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals and couples of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

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Mind In Balance Counseling 
Carol Spears, MSW, LCSW, SEP

Newport, OR 97365


Have you lost someone close to you and find it 
hard to get through a normal day? 

Do you find yourself unable to stop thinking about the loss? 

Are difficult memories from the past getting in the way of just being present?

Carol Spears, LCSW
Newport, OR 97365
(503) 703-1402


If you are struggling with:

* Grief
* Anxiety (agitated or shaky, tense shoulders or a knot in your stomach...)
* Depression (not able to enjoy things that you used to,feeling disengaged from life...)
* Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night
* Often feeling tearful
* Intrusive and repetitive thoughts
* Feeling numb, distracted, or confused

Begin the journey ....
                      from crisis to freedom ......
                                    bring  hopefulness and ease .....
                                                           back into your life.

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