Counseling with Carol Spears, MSW, LCSW

If you are struggling with 
Healing from trauma
Navigating a difficult transition

You have come to the right place!
Using some of the most effective methods and teaching you some of the most powerful tools, I can assist you in reaching your goals.

Individual Psychotherapy or Counseling

Individual therapy can be helpful for any of the above mentioned challenges. While some problems in life can be solved by talking to a good friend, lingering or more difficult challenges benefit from talking with someone trained in working with these specific issues.

With caring support and insight, you will be able to move through your current struggles. You will learn the tools to continue to become more happy and be able to meet future challenges that may come your way.

            Perhaps you are struggling with a lot of self criticism…  
            and it feels impossible to feel hopeful.  
            Perhaps you feel like this heavy feeling will never go away.  

This is a safe place to come and talk freely, and discover you are not alone in finding your way through this difficult time.

It is possible to not only get your life back on track, but also move towards your dreams.  

Call or email today. Begin to see that it is possible to thrive!  

Distance Counseling

Distance counseling or telehealth is conducted on line using a web cam, or by phone.  

Distance counseling can be a great option if you live in a rural or remote place, are living out of the country, or find it more comfortable and convenient to "meet" on line. It can be more confidential than waiting in a waiting room, and if you live in a small town you can avoid wondering if you will run into someone you know. Even if you live in Portland, it can save you time; there is no commute to my office.

While face to face, sitting in the same room, is considered the best scenario for counseling, web cam conferencing offers the visual connection that can effectively allow for counseling to take place from wherever you get on line.

If you would like to explore this option, send me an email. I am happy to answer all of your questions.

Contact me today at

Carol Spears, MSW, LCSW
Newport, OR
(503) 703-1402

where you can learn to enjoy life again


Mind In Balance Counseling Services

Mind In Balance Counseling services serves the communities of the central Oregon coast.  Access to rural communities is provided via phone and web cam.

Counseling services include individual  counseling to address depression, grief, anxiety, loss, healing from trauma, healing from an abusive relationship and navigating transitions. This practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.  97365, 97357, 97341, 97391, 97315, 97367

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