NW Residential Supervision With Dr. Stephen Gilligan, PhD

Mind In Balance Counseling Services

June 7-11, 2017

Leavenworth, WA

About the Presenter

Internationally renown master teacher in the field of mindfulness based somatic therapy, Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., is a Psychologist practicing in Encinitas, CA. 
Stephen was one of the original NLP students in Santa Cruz from 1974-1977, during which time he also started extensive studying with his mentors Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson. After receiving his doctorate in Psychology from Stanford, Stephen became known as one of the premier teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. His books include Therapeutic trances: The cooperation principle in Ericksonian psychotherapy, a classic in the field; The legacy of Erickson; The courage to love: Principles and practices of self-relations psychotherapy, and Walking in two worlds: The relational self in theory, practice, and community; The Hero’s Journey; a Voyage of Self Discover; Generative Trance: the Experience of Creative Flow.  His work is especially known for its emphasis on reconnecting mind-body processes, emphasizing embodied relationality, and encouraging and supporting radical change.

Mind In Balance Counseling services serves the communities of Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Milwaukie, Sellwood.  97202, 97212, 97214, 97201,97206,97217,97213,97233,97221, 97230,97201, 97227,97232, 97218,97205,97229.  Access to rural communities is provided via phone and web cam.

Counseling services include individual and couples counseling to address depression, grief, anxiety, loss, healing from trauma, healing from an abusive relationship and navigating transitions. This practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals and couples of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

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The Supervision Community  

These groups are intensive therapist communities, with major work done at both professional and personal levels. We explore how and why to resonate with multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously--within one’s self, the client, and the therapy relationship. 

We will develop skills to cultivate generative levels of the somatic mind (centered, aligned, flexible),the cognitive mind (creative acceptance, positive utilization, curiosity, and transformational sponsorship), and the field mind (opening beyond the problem, attuning resources from many states, going beyond the cognitive mind).  These higher states of consciousness are then used to dissolve the problem-defined self and strengthen a solution-oriented self that can skillfully move through and beyond any stuck places. 

These groups are legendary for their depth of community 
and the life-changing transformations that emerge from them.

The Format

This 4 day supervision group is limited to 18-20 participants interested in improving their capacity to practice transformational work. We usually do 2-3 sessions of core work in the middle of the group each day, with each working team consisting of a client, two therapists, and Dr. Gilligan as the supervisor/participant. In addition, Dr. Gilligan offers mini-lectures and group trance processes. Emphasis is placed on the application of the therapy approaches of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy, Dr. Gilligan’s work in Self-Relations Psychotherapy, Generative Trance, Generative Coaching and the participating therapists' own personal work.

Steven Gilligan PhD